A Win-Win Program

Students Win

Students win by getting the training they need in 9 months to secure an entry level position in a high tech company.

Employers Win

Employers win because they are assured that entry-level employees will be trained and ready with the exact skills they need to perform well.

How the Program Works

In collaboration with successful high tech San Francisco area companies, City College of San Francisco, the San Francisco Bayview YMCA and other established training organizations, we have developed a focused, comprehensive, and intensive program that will provide specific vocational training for qualified high school and community college graduates. Students are carefully selected based on prior academic achievement and their desire and determination to succeed, and are granted full scholarships.

The 9-month training course gives Scholars the specific technical skills they need to fill the high tech jobs that need filling. The program also includes workplace skills training, coaching and a dedicated mentor, as well as financial stipends, transportation, meals and counseling for participants and their parents or guardians.

We provide coaching and workshops for potential employers to help them define their needs for entry-level jobs, and develop the processes and sensitivity skills that will enable them to on-board newly minted graduates from minority communities.

The Springboard Apprenticeship Model

Focused on-work based learning, the initiative reverse engineers the curriculum to employer positions, standards and certifications.

Additionally, the initiative provides a five prong support model to equip and prepare both the young talent and the employers.

The Opportunity for Students

Springboard Scholars are invited to participate in our 9-month training program on the campus of the Mission branch of San Francisco City College.

The Scholarship includes:

  • All tuition
  • Books
  • A laptop computer
  • Transportation expenses
  • Stipend for meals
  • A monthly cash stipend

Scholars must agree to devote full time to the training program, and must pass a vigorous exam to successfully complete the course. Scholars will have the assistance of an assigned mentor from the high tech industry, a corporate companion from the prospective employer, a guidance counselor who will be available 24/7.

Upon successful completion of the 9-month course, the Springboard Scholar will be guaranteed a job offer.


The Opportunity for Employers

The Springboard Initiative is industry and employer-driven, designed to meet each employers’ specific talent needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Training geared precisely to employer specifications
  • Increased productivity and knowledge transfer resulting from tailor-made curriculum and structured on‐the‐job learning
  • Enhanced retention and reduced turnover
  • A stable pipeline of new skilled workers
  • A more diversified and flexible workforce
  • Recognition as a supporter of state and national efforts to equip and train under-served young people of color in skills necessary to become contributing members of society and their communities