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Springboard Scholars:

See how our unique approach to training and mentoring will get you a high tech job in just nine months.


A strategic approach to long-term talent development, industry and employer driven to meet your needs and your high tech roles.

The Springboard Initiative

Springboard is an intensive nine-month program for talented, but under-resourced youth designed to get them trained and ready for productive, high paying and much needed jobs in the high tech industry. Hear from Springboard’s Founder, Sig Anderman and Project Director Sonya Brunswick on why the program is a win for students and employers alike.

Springboard mentors:


Jareem Gunter

Website : themanbook.org

E-Mail : contactthemanbook@gmail.com

“When I was growing up, I didn't know how blessed I was. A lot of my friends and extended family didn't have their fathers around, so my dad became like a surrogate father to a lot of my peers. I remember friends of mine getting bad grades and their moms sending them over to my house so my dad could discipline them. I never realized how special that was. I believe I was blessed with the greatest father in the world, who had been taught by the greatest grandfather in the world. This was just my case, so I decided while playing baseball in college that no matter what road I took—whether it were baseball or anything else—I would be a man youth could look up to."

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